Start up Business Advertising Techniques that Work

starting a businessWhen you’re just getting started you really need to get noticed, but new businesses don’t tend to have a lot of money. Fortunately there are a few key techniques that can make your efforts more effective.

First of all, you must determine your target audience. People are more likely to pay attention to a message that is directed to their interests and needs. Is your product or service more applicable to a certain age group, profession, or lifestyle? What do your customers tend to have in common? Be aware that, even if you have multiple target groups, your customers need to feel that the message is just for them. This often means creating different ads directed towards different groups.

Once you think of a message that will catch the attention of the right people, choose how you want that message displayed. Presentation is important and a professional appearance can do a lot to increase the credibility of your business. You also want to stand out and grab people’s attention. Try to avoid overused or cliché phrases that customers will easily overlook. Your goal is to make your business memorable.

Where you place your ads is an important part of this process. Customers need to see the same ad frequently in order for the message to sink in. This doesn’t mean, however, that you need to spend a lot of money. High quality banners can be a great investment, as they can be used multiple times. Inexpensive car magnets or decals can be a very effective way to get the word out. Particularly if you, or someone you know, spends a lot of time driving around town. Don’t forget your target audience! Be sure that you are displaying your customized ads in the right places.

Work with what you have. If you live in an area with lots of high school or college students, chances are there are a lot of people who are looking for ways to earn some extra cash. Perhaps for a reasonable wage, or in exchange for product or services, they would be willing to hold signs, advertise on their car or pass out flyers. Designing shirts or hats for your employees to wear can also help to get your name seen. Be active in your community by having booths at local fairs or events. Create a Facebook page or website to bring in an online audience.

So remember, if you want to get your business noticed, focus on reaching the appropriate audience, be creative in catching their attention and place your ads in places where they will be seen frequently by the right people. Avoid overspending by starting with low cost advertising methods and working with what you have. Although advertising doesn’t guarantee an immediate increase in cash flow or business, getting your new business noticed is always a good investment.

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