Print vs Online Advertising

advertisingBusinesses have to do whatever it takes to promote their product. Two ways of promotion, online and print, can attract customers, employees and fresh eyes to your product or service. However, there are differences.

Print advertising is advertising in newspapers and magazines. It’s great for reaching people without internet access. Depending on the ad space purchased, you can write detailed or broad descriptions about the service or product. Even the smallest space can give you a nice chunk of space to explain what you’re selling. You’ll have enough space for contact information. You can add a phone number, address, email and website in the same ad. It’s a great way to reach a niche audience or a community. Print advertisements make a permanent impression on readers because the ad isn’t overexposed. It’s also permanent because the ad is harder to change once it hits the press. Word of mouth can make print advertising more powerful.

Online advertising is advertising on the internet. The internet is a big place, and there are advertisements on every website and search engine. These ads can reach a bigger audience, but it can also reach a small audience with precision. You can use a computer IP address for geographic targeting, keywords for SEO targeting, certain online websites for their audience or social media for expansion. Ads are in the form of text, text and photos, or a video. Some ads want you to join a mailing list while others encourage you to win a prize by entering a contest. The rest of the ads are selling you something for their website. All ads lead to their website with one click. Because so many businesses want their products and services promoted online, the space is smaller. It’s easier to edit online advertising because the ads are set in real time. If an ad isn’t working, you can change it immediately. Word of mouth is in the form of sharing information on other websites and social bookmarks.

In the last few years, print is dying a slow death. More people are relying on the internet for ad information. Print advertising may be down, but it’s not out. Online advertising alone is not the solution, however. You will neglect people who don’t have internet access, and to be successful you must reach as many people as you can. It’s also hard to grab their attention; attention span is a few seconds and ad blocking software is installed on computers.

It’s a tough choice to figure out; there are two mediums that attract different customers. However, both are competing for your business. Do you really have to choose?

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