Keeping Your Employees Safe

security_guardEmployee safety is very important for a business owner. It can be the difference in a lawsuit and employee retention. Lawsuits occur when an employer is thought to be liable for problems with an employee. Unfortunately, the employer is expected to foresee possible problems and prevent employees from safety issues. A security guard in San Jose is helpful in helping employers safety proof their location. It is helpful to make a safety plan not only to prevent lawsuits but to protect employees. After all, the people who work for companies should feel safe. Feeling safe can lead to a calm work environment.
The Message a Security Guard Sends
Having a security guard sends the message that a location is being watched. It sends the message that security measures have been placed into effect in the location. This is a message that is received by potential customers and employees. Having a watchful eye will help to deter criminal activity. This is especially true for criminals who do not want to get caught. Having a security guard also sends the message that the company cares about the safety of others.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Security Guard
Security Guards are beneficial to a company for three reasons – saves company money, safety of employees, safety of customers. Let’s face it; companies lose money when a theft occurs. Adding additional security measures can aid a business in retaining their products. Thieves are less likely to target businesses with heavy security. Security Guards are more likely to apprehend thieves before they leave the building with stolen goods. Employees are more confident and thorough with their work when they don’t have to consider their safety. Protection goes further than in-store. Guards can escort employees to their vehicles when it’s dark. Robberies can go wrong causing injury to customers if the right staff is not in place. Guards are able to take control of situations to ensure fewer injuries and casualties. Businesses with security guards tend to have a safe reputation. Who wants to shop in an
unsafe store?
When Should an Employer Hire a Security Guard in San Jose
Every store should hire a security guard – especially during business hours. No business owner can predict when a criminal may enter the premises. That is why business hours are important. Sure insurance may cover stolen goods, but human life cannot be replaced. Think about the additional business possibilities when customers feel safe shopping. After hours guards are very helpful when a store is vulnerable to nighttime theft. This could be based on location, visibility of products, and value of products.

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