Is Print Advertising Dead

print_adsA few decades ago, print advertising was the in-thing. Every business entity competed for space on newspapers, magazines and journals. Other than this, print marketing through banners, posters and billboards has also had its fair share in the advertising industry. Then out of nowhere the internet made its way and everything changed. Today, potential clients have all gone online. The end result has been a decline in the number of firms that engage in print advertising. Some have had to wind up operations while others have managed to transform themselves in order to move with the times. Does that mean that print advertising is dead?

Tangible benefits of print advertising

  • A lot of businesses today have moved their advertising to web based platforms. Advertising through the internet has the potential for wide exposure, is convenient and cost effective. However, print advertising has some unique benefits that make it an ideal way of marketing. Here’s why:
  • Printed materials such as newspapers and magazines can remain intact for years. Internet ads will be there momentarily before they disappear.
  • Owing to their spamming potential, banner ads and pop-ups make people think twice before clicking on them. Printed ads are legitimate and you do not have to worry about being saturated with ads that you don’t need.
  • When you want to send a strong message about your brand, a print ad is an excellent mode for this. You can create an ad using a choice of images, colors and fonts that people will relate to. The printed paper is solid, something people can touch and feel. Doing so on the web loses some of these aspects.
  • If you place an ad in a publication targeting the niche market is quite effective. The message will reach your intended audience. This is something you will find difficulty in if using online platforms.
  • Print ads are more engaging and people spend more time going through them than online ones. When you see an ad on the web, chances are that you will skim through it quickly. On the contrary, you spend 70-80 percent more time on printed paper.
  • Now that a lot of businesses have migrated to the internet, you can take advantage of this shift in a very effective way. Look at it this way, printed publications now have a lot of advertising space. That means you can get more space to advertise a product. On the other hand, the cost of ad space has gone down considerably.

From these advantages, you can see that print advertising is still alive. Nonetheless, you need to combine the two modes. Keep up with the new trends but also exploit the potential found in print platforms. Use the web for audiences that thrive there and a bit of printing for the extreme end of clients whom you can only reach through print ads.

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