How To Move Up In Google Rankings

google_searchesSearch Engine Optimization, or SEO, revolves around the longing for a high Google ranking. As Google is today’s leader in online search engines, it is important to base most of a company’s SEO campaign in the results obtained from Google. While Google has done well to keep its particular ranking methodology a secret from the public, there are a few things that people can do to promote their websites to a higher rank in the Google search results.

1. Keyword and key phrase searches. When people conduct web searches, they are rarely concerned with proper spelling and grammar. The Google search is all about getting good results fast. Knowing this, a company’s website ought to contain many of the keywords and phrases that its potential customers are probably looking for. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the writing on your website ought to ignore linguistic conventions. Rather, the construction of your website should be one that supports the inclusion of common keyword and key phrase searches. Keep the writing simple and relatable.

2. Relevant titles. On a results page for a Google search, the links are listed according to their relevance, but they are also linked directly to the title of the webpage. Make sure that each page of your website has an interesting and relevant title. Choosing to go with something easy like “[untitled]” might seem like a time saver at the time, but in the long run you will get drastically fewer web visits based on this boring and seemingly irrelevant title. By implementing the keywords that you expect a potential customer might use in a Google search as part of your website’s title, you can almost guarantee that your website will get more attention than it would with something like “[untitled].”

3. A balance of dense writing and clear writing. Dense writing means that the writing you include on your website is all relevant to your website. Don’t fill the page with frivolous information that doesn’t really matter to a potential customer. Make sure everything you include on your website is relevant and easy to read. Clear writing is easier to search than muddled writing.

4. Outsource website promotion. Promoting a website from within is a tricky thing to do. When you outsource the job of website promotion by involving an online marketing company such as OrangeSoda, you can make sure you are getting the full exposure for your company’s website that you are looking for. Additionally, involving yourself in website promotion with puts you in touch with marketing and advertising professionals who can give you advice on how to approach your SEO campaign and get the best results possible. So what are you waiting for? Give OrangeSoda a call today!

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