HIVELOCITY MINECRAFT SERVERHivelocity hosting expertly focuses on catering to their clients’ needs. This company whose extensive client base spans over 135 countries was founded in 2001. With many partners, including Dell, as part of their manufacturing team, a myriad of options are available to those looking for a minecraft server. The Hivelocity minecraft server provides around the clock technical support to answer all questions related to troubleshooting, user assistance, and software issues every day of the year. Linux and Window operating systems are available and each server offered has the potential to be upgraded with additional packages or features to fit customers’ requirements. Upgrades to choose from include the following: firewalls, backup storage, security services, hard drives, IP addresses, and more.

Web Host Magazine awarded Hivelocity as Editor’s Choice for Best Dedicated Hosting Provider and was named Top 25 Most Popular in 2011 by Cloud Directory. Let the awards speak for themselves or try the impressive server for yourself to take advantage of all the exciting and effective tools it has to implement into your server environment. The simple cloud management enabled through this unique host doesn’t even have to be financially burdensome. With low entry costs, you can be a part of this hosting opportunity for only $35 a month. Additionally, while dealing with this corporation, you can also be assured that your information is in good hands—as the owners promise to make all their practices follow the strict Safe Harbor program privacy policies.

They care about your business in more ways than one. Affordable, reliable, and even environment-friendly, this hosting service makes strong attempts to reduce excess servers, thereby reducing energy costs and business expenses on your end. To save you time, you also receive a program with built in maintenance. Once it detects a problem, an internal process begins which will automatically work to identify and resolve the issue. Another way to cut seconds is to put faith in the incredibly fast connection to any internet server. Six transit providers exist to choose from when determining the fastest route to implement for transporting data from their server to you or your customers. When routing problems arise, you are still safe, because they are committed to only the best for you. Security is of the utmost importance, too. Firewalls are in place and employees are constantly keeping an eye on activity to guarantee that all networks and data are protected at the company’s buildings.

If you are new to it all, that is okay, too. With these services, you can benefit from Open Source and software templates for web applications and anyone at their help desk-whether it be online, over the phone, through Twitter or via email can guide you through the easy process and clear all the questions on your mind.


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