Furnishing a Small Business Office

So you are looking to furnish a small business office. Chances are that if you are a small business you may not have too much capital or funds to work with. That being said, there are a few steps I would advise when looking to set up and furnish the right office for you.

First, figure out how many office spaces you’ll need, or if everyone is going to be in more cubicle style out on the floor. Depending on your business and business model this might make figuring this piece out a bit easier. If you will be meeting with clients, I’m sure you’ll want at least a few actual offices and perhaps a conference room or two in order to have adequate space to meet with clients and prospective clients. You will need furniture for all these rooms and spaces. If you are trying to stick to a designated budget perhaps consider looking into used office furniture Salt Lake City for some good deals. I know I have gotten some desks and chairs from used office furniture stores and they worked great for only a fraction of the cost. Depending on how many employees you have you may need a lot of furniture, so this is a great way to go in order to make sure everyone is outfitted according to their needs.

Make sure you get desks that are functional, and chairs that are comfortable if you are wanting your employees to sit at their desk for extended periods of time. Furthermore, make sure you have a space for a mail/copy room so that you can keep mail in there and have enough counter space for working and making copies, scanning, or faxing. In this room you’ll want to make sure you have a top of the line copier that also does scanning and faxes so it can be a quick one stop shop saving you time over the long run. These are pricey, don’t get me wrong, but definitely worth the investment. If you are running out of space, perhaps consider putting secretaries together in the same office. They need a lot of the same supplies and can usually share space relatively well. When it comes to technology, make all computers compatible with one another for easy sharing access. If you like MACs go for those, or stick with all desktops instead. You can typically get a good deal from someone when you are buying a whole bunch of the same type of computer at once.

My last advice in setting up an office is that you need to make sure you have plenty of office supplies since these are a life blood and tend to go like wildfire. Typically places such as Office Max offer better rates if you sign up for a business membership. Wherever you choose to order from, make sure they have a good selection and quick delivers. You will always want to have a good supply of pens, pencils, paper, printer paper, paper clips, staplers, sticky notes and other things on hand. Keep these ideas in mind when furnishing a small business office and you will get it running smoothly and successfully.

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