Can PPC Help My Organic Rankings

ppcThe short answer to that question is no, not really. Your PPC listings do not affect (at least directly) your organic listings on any search engine. That being said, paid search marketing is still a good way to go for increasing organic traffic to your website—especially if you need to drive traffic quickly.

An aggressive PPC campaign can give you the information you need to launch an effective organic campaign. If you opt for PPC of all useful keywords and phrases you will quickly get a good idea of what your most popular keywords and phrases are and then be able to focus on those at the start of your organic campaign.

How PPC Benefits Your Organic Campaign

Basically, PPC can take some of the trial and error (or at least accelerate the trial and error process) for finding your most valuable keywords and phrases. How this works is when a PPC ad is delivered for one of the keyphrases you had bid on, your PPC provider records an impression of that keyphrase. In a nutshell, at the end of a month, you can see what your most popular keyphrases are by looking at your PPC provider’s impression data.

What’s most valuable about the impression data is that it also shows which terms and phrases have a high click-thru rate and which terms actually convert to a sale on your site. In most cases, keyphrases that are the most targeted and pertinent to your customers will have both higher click-thru and higher conversion rates.

Make Your PPC Campaign Most Effective

PPC definitely requires you to put forth some capital upfront to be effective. And, it’s important to keep in mind that the data you gather during your PPC campaign is not 100 percent accurate, but it’s still pretty authoritative and would take you months or years to gather through your organic campaign.

The following are three things that will increase the validity of your PPC data:

  1. Opt for standard match on Yahoo and exact match on Google AdWords so that synonyms and variations on a word or phrase are not used in the search. This will make your impression count data more accurate and let you know exactly which terms are most valuable to you.
  2. When bidding for you PPC terms, bid to be on the first page of search results for all of your terms, so they each get an equal opportunity for an impression.
  3. Don’t cap your bids with a daily limit. You want to see just how much each of your terms is getting queried and capping may cut some terms off too quickly.

If you run your PPC test for long enough, you should be able to get some decent data on which keywords and phrases are most likely to lead to conversion. Then, once you end your test, you can begin to improve your organic rankings by focusing your organic campaign on your most valuable terms.

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