Building Business Presence Through Facebook

FacebookAlthough many people talk about how beneficial it is to sharpen your business image by creating a fan page or a promotional page on Facebook, often times it isn’t until you actually see the benefits that you see how powerful it can be as a medium.

In the first place, many people have used promotions and advertising on Facebook with varying results. With over 1 billion members, it is an incredible way to get your story or message out. On the other hand, many people use facebook as a place to network with friends and so are not interested in spending a lot of time there promoting or looking for businesses. This is especially true in North America, where users have had a few more years to develop their behavior patterns than users in other countries have.

What does that leave you as a business if you want to build your presence? Image and promotions that feature some form of community involvement. In both cases, companies have been very successful in building a way to reach out to their clients and keep them updated of the latest changes, while burnishing their image in the community.

Remember, in some countries like Japan, almost 90% of all advertising is done solely to create an image or presence for a business. Facebook business pages can therefore be very effective.

Once you have determined that you are going to build a presences using a Facebook business page, you will want to ensure that you make the right decision on which type you want. Facebook offers several types of business pages so that you can promote your firm or your brand or yourself as a public figure. Your choices are specifically:


  • Local Business or Place


  • Company, Organization, or Institution


  • Brand or Product


  • Artist, Band, or Public Figure


  • Entertainment


  • Cause or Community


Selecting the appropriate type will allow you to tailor your content to match your situation completely. There are also different types of benefits from using each type.

Once you have set your page up initially, you will want to consider inviting or directing people to your page via your own web page or promotions that you run. One of the nice features of Facebook business pages is that as soon as people start to join your page and you receive an audience, Facebook starts to turn on more and more powerful analytics that allow you to see specifically who you are reaching and where. Receiving this type of marketing feedback is golden for most businesses and makes promoting a specific page an easy thing to do once you know who you are marketing to.

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