3 Best Free Sites for Monitoring Your Keywords

#1 Mention
Mention is a really simple app you can download for monitoring your keywords. You can use it on your desk board but you can also download the free app for your mobile phone. This way you can easily see what is said about you anytime and anywhere.
You can just enter a keyword that you would like to monitor and this way create alerts that you will see trough your email or push messages. One of the great features of mention is that it integrates with your Twitter account. This way if you see something you find worthy of re-tweeting, you can easily do that within your desk board.

Mention is a free service but if you want more features you will need to update it to a more advanced account.

#2 Google Alerts
Google alerts is probably the monitoring tool known to most of us. Just as Mention it is really easy to use and it’s free. You will only need to do one thing and that is putting your keywords in the system. After you have done that, Google Alerts will email you when your keywords are being mentioned.

Although Mentions has the great feature of connecting with your Twitter account, with Google Alert you are able to put in over a 1000 keywords. This can also mean you will get a lot of emails.

#3 Social Mention
Social Mention is a tool to see what people are saying about you, your company or all the things you would like to monitor. Social Mention monitors all the big social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, YouTube, Google, Digg etc. Just as the other two, this one is also very easy to use. You will find your results provided in a number of statistics not just the mentions. They will provide you with sentimental ratings, top users of your brand name, top keywords used in conjunction with your brand, passion, strength, reach and more. You can also click on the mentions, this way you can give a really fast respond.

As you can see in the 3 examples above, monitoring your keywords can be really easy and free. You just have to find the one which works the best for you and your company. They all have different features, decide which features are the most handy for your company or just go with all of them, I mean it wouldn’t cost you any money only time.

Which one do you find most handy?


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