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Great Investments in Your 50s

Investment takes many forms today. It is no longer seen from the perspective of money fed into a business for returns at the end of a process. Over the years, people have devised various forms and ways of investing their money. Real estate, mutual funds, Forex trading, gold and insurance are just but some of […]


Hivelocity hosting expertly focuses on catering to their clients’ needs. This company whose extensive client base spans over 135 countries was founded in 2001. With many partners, including Dell, as part of their manufacturing team, a myriad of options are available to those looking for a minecraft server. The Hivelocity minecraft server provides around the […]


Is Print Advertising Dead

A few decades ago, print advertising was the in-thing. Every business entity competed for space on newspapers, magazines and journals. Other than this, print marketing through banners, posters and billboards has also had its fair share in the advertising industry. Then out of nowhere the internet made its way and everything changed. Today, potential clients […]