Archive | July, 2013

Launching an E-commerce Site

Research is essential during the initial launch staged of an ecommerce site. It is advisable that you consider creating a limited liability company. This gives the business its own legal personality. When legal action is taken against it, your personal property will not be affected. In addition, open a business account together with a separate […]

Office Cleaning

Budgeting is a very important part of running a successful business and expenses must be tracked carefully. In addition to other duties that have to be performed to keep the business afloat, cleaning is a mandatory task that cannot be overlooked. This is where you must decide whether to hire a cleaning staff or to […]


Building A Small Business

Small businesses take a significant amount of time and effort to grow. Doing so typically involves developing a formal business plan and strategy, creating an organizational structure that optimizes your taxable structure but provides sufficient legal protection, and following through by targeting and attracting customers, employees, and business associates whom you can trust. The first […]